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-% Vans Classic Slip-On VEYEBLK shoes

Vans Classic Slip-On VEYEBLK shoes

Vans Classic Slip-On VEYEBLK Features: Made of fabric that provides airflow, with a thicker, very durable structure that will allow you to use the footwear for a long time, protecting the upper from breaking through. This model, unlike the classic Vans models, is slip-on, thanks to which we will be able to dress it quickly and guarantee a fashionable look. The inner insole used in this footwear uses UltraCush technology, which perfectly absorbs shocks, and its anatomical structure gives a soft ground for the foot, thus guaranteeing comfort even during long hours of use. The waffle outsole is made of low-profile vulcanized rubber, which extends the life and protects against rapid wear. All raw materials, including glues, from which these shoes were made are conducive to environmental protection, are free of animal by-products and comply with vegan standards, so this model, apart from comfort, loose style and fashionable design, ensures a peaceful sleep for nature lovers.

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