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-% Under Armour Speedform Gemini Vent M 3020661-400 shoes

Under Armour Speedform Gemini Vent M 3020661-400 shoes

Under Armor Speedform Gemini Vent M 3020661-400 Features: A model of running footwear for people with a neutral type of foot, for training on hard asphalt surfaces. The design refined in detail, each element was made with accuracy and is in the right place. Interesting design, no classic insole, because it is integrated with the entire upper, and a reinforced heel are further features that distinguish this footwear from the background of a million other cross-country skiing. SpeedForm Gemini Vent is a universal model that can be used for shorter and slower runs, because it strongly cushions as well as for dynamic, long-distance routes, because it perfectly returns energy. As the name suggests, this model is derived from a combination of two technologies: ArmourVent â¢, which is a quick-drying fabric from which the upper is made, giving maximum breathability, at the same time low weight, flexibility and high strength as well as the well-known SpeedForm ⢠technology, responsible for that the upper takes the form of a "sock" covering the foot. Its completely seamless performance will avoid the risk of abrasions that are caused by stitching, rubbing the skin. The 4D Foam® insole is also seamless, 6mm thick, is perfectly connected to the shoe, ensures a perfect fit and wicks sweat away very quickly. The midsole uses Micro G® foam extremely light and ultra-sensitive, which perfectly absorbs shocks and absorbs. Wanting to further refine this running model, the sole is additionally enriched with Charged Cushioning technology, which converts the energy generated during the collision of the foot with the ground into energy of breaking, which maximizes the dynamics. Flexible grooves in the outsole provide elasticity and flexibility, and carbon rubber increases the durability and life of the footwear. Original sports footwear for the most demanding runners, a number of innovative technologies testify to the highest quality and comfort, all to properly meet the needs of athletes.

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