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-% Under Armour Lockdown 3 M 3020622-001 shoes

Under Armour Lockdown 3 M 3020622-001 shoes

Under Armor Lockdown 3 M 3020622-001 Features: The third edition of the model of men's footwear designed for basketball. Under Armor Lockdown 3 are made of a combination of high-quality fabric in the side panel, which provides soft support and increases the level of ventilation and synthetic leather in the front, which increases durability and protects the toe area. High behind the collar is designed to stabilize the ankle and prevents sudden torsion movements, which often lead to unwanted injuries. In the presented version of the model the lacing system has been improved so that the shoes can perfectly match improving the comfort of the game. The midsole as well as the inner insole uses a soft EVA insole that guarantees comfort and absorbs the impact force and associated shocks. The outsole is made of rubber with a special herringbone pattern to increase traction and control of movements.

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