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-% Nike Phantom Vsn Elite DF SG-Pro AC M AO3264-080 football shoes

Nike Phantom Vsn Elite DF SG-Pro AC M AO3264-080 football shoes

Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF SG-Pro AC Features: * football shoes * intended for playing on: natural surfaces * upper material: synthetic material + fabric * sole: SG Pro – Mixes * QuadFit Mesh technology for a better fit * Flytknit ACC – the upper material provides great control in all weather conditions * Ghost Lace binding system – ensures a personalized fit without affecting precision and ball control * Nike Grip insole guarantees cushioning and prevents the foot from sliding * Synergy outsole provides maneuverability, responsiveness and high comfort * shaped insole that reflects the anatomical line of the foot * symmetrical lacing system * SG Pro Anti Clog outsole provides excellent grip on wet, muddy grasslands * shoe weight for size 42: 240 g * collection: winter 2019 * included with shoes: shoe bag, ALU screws, key * shoes intended for playing on natural pitches, the use of this model of shoes on pitches with other surfaces is prohibited, leads to permanent damage to the sole, which results in the loss of warranty PHANTOM VISION is a football shoe designed for players who want to control the game and influence its course as precisely as possible. Control in a small space, dribbling, speed. This is all guaranteed by Phantom Vision. A new type of fit called Quadfit Mesh is a new, seamless material that wraps the foot, preventing any unwanted movements inside the shoe. Flyknit upper with a unique, rough texture. Thanks to this, the ball control is at a very high level. The collar is very soft and flexible, seamlessly connected to the rest of the inner upper. Ghost Lace tying system, i.e. hiding the shoelaces underneath the outer upper. Thanks to this, the surface of the shot is larger. All Condition Control technology allows perfect ball control, regardless of weather conditions. Nike Grip insole, which not only provides comfort and proper cushioning, but also prevents the foot from moving inside the shoe. The SG-PRO Anti Clog outsole provides perfect grip on wet turf, in addition, the Anti Clog system prevents mud from sticking to the sole.

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