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-% Nike Acalme M AQ2224-402 shoes

Nike Acalme M AQ2224-402 shoes

Nike Acalme Catalog number: AQ2224-402 * shoes designed for: running * upper material: fabric + synthetic materials * midsole / outsole from three types of foam * inner sock ensures a tight and exact fit * TPU material construction in the midfoot * Navy blue * collection: winter 2019 Nike Acalme shoes have a classic, universal look perfect for every day. The combination of material with a mesh structure and an innovative foam outsole and midsole is a suitable combination of lightness and durability. Durability and convenience The midsole / outsole of three types of foam provides comfort because the softest foam is closest to the foot, while the hardest foam is in the outer part of the sole, increasing durability. Optimal fit The inner sock ensures a tight and accurate fit, and the insole is responsible for comfort throughout the day. Tight shoelace fit Placed in the midfoot, the TPU construction is responsible for the familiar style and close fitting of the laces.

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