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ΑΝΕΤΕΣ ΑΝΔΡΙΚΕΣ ΣΑΓΙΟΝΑΡΕΣ O’NEILL. Άνεση και στυλ στην παραλία ή τη βόλτα με τις ανδρικές σαγιονάρες O’Neill Koosh Algae Sandals Khaki (2400020-16011). • Απαλό λουράκι • 80% ethylenvinylacetat, 20% Seaweed • Κωδικός προϊόντος : 2400010-17010 A laser printed footbed with a soft, wide strap, choose the Koosh Algae Sandals for style, comfort and durability. Not to shirk your ecological commitments, these flip flops are made with 30% BLOOM, a revolutionary material made using algae technology. BLOOM products intercept pollution before it negatively impacts nature, supporting our transformation from a linear to a circular economy. O’Neill Blue: O’Neill Blue products were designed for durability, more circularity and towards a better future. That’s why we currently have a minimum requirement of at least 50% preferred materials in a style to be classified as O’Neill Blue. We are proud to say that more than 8 out of 10 of the O’Neill Spring/Summer collection consists of O’Neill

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