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-% Kappa Trust M 241981-1110 shoes

Kappa Trust M 241981-1110 shoes

Kappa Trust 241981-1110 Features: Lightweight sports shoes for men, i.e. the Kappa Trust model. It is extremely versatile, so it will be used as a training shoe and comfortable everyday sneakers, because it adapts perfectly to the prevailing urban trends. The upper is breathable mesh that ensures adequate ventilation and provides high comfort. The number of seams is kept to a minimum, thanks to which the footwear gently fits without causing abrasions. The soft inner liner is made of Eva foam, absorbing shocks and guaranteeing comfort. The heel is stiffened by an element visible on the outside, thanks to which the position of the foot is more stable and protects against uncontrolled torsional movements that can lead to injury. The flexible sole will work well during training, running, or to the gym, because it is adhesive and non-slip.

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