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-% Indoor shoes adidas Mundial Goal IN 019310

Indoor shoes adidas Mundial Goal IN 019310

Adidas Mundial Goal IN indoor shoes Adidas indoor shoes from the Mundial Goal series. If you play indoors, it's only in these shoes. Kangaroo leather ensures the highest quality available on the market. In addition, they have an upper made of smooth K-leather and a wear-resistant suede-leather split for greater durability and support. The stability they guarantee, these shoes reduces the risk of injury and significantly improves the comfort of the game. The sole was made especially for indoor games. Regardless of the passion with which you play, this rubber sole with a non-marking system will not leave a mark on the surface of the room. Increase your chances of winning today with the World Cup Goal shoes . properties upper made of smooth K-leather – ball fit and feel; Suede split leather – protects against abrasion, gives greater durability and support soft, synthetic inner lining pressure molded EVA foam midsole for lightweight cushioning non-marking system – the sole of the shoe is made of carefully selected materials that do not leave marks on surfaces such as parquet, tiles, etc. classic colors Colour: black

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