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-% Football shoes adidas Copa Mundial FG 015110

Football shoes adidas Copa Mundial FG 015110

Adidas Copa Mundial FG football shoes Football Boots Adidas Copa World Cup series. The legendary Copa World Cup shoes are just one click away for you. Top-quality kangaroo leather gives a sense of exclusivity while remaining in classic colors. Well-shaped shoes with round heels provide amazing speed, maneuverability and traction. Amazing comfort and ball feel guaranteed. Extremely light, with a quick-drying insole and special foam inside, they will definitely be a purchase for years. If you want to be irreplaceable on the pitch, these shoes are just for you. properties Kangaroo leather upper for durability, lightness and a perfect fit Eva foam insert for comfort Quick-drying synthetic lining A direct-sprayed outsole ensures optimal fit and comfort Durable Firm Ground outsole for hard, natural surfaces Classic colors Irreplaceable quality for decades. Material: Natural leather with kangaroo – 100% Colour: black

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