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-% Asics Gel Task M B703Y 4901

Asics Gel Task M B703Y 4901

Asics Gel Task M B703Y 4901 Men's shoes Asics Gel Task MT is a new version of the well-known and highly valued Asics Task model. The combination of proven technologies by ASICS has resulted in an advanced model of volleyball shoes. Full stabilization of the ankle, high product versatility and comfort are the main features of shoes designed by ASICS. The ASICS GEL Task MT model uses TRUSSTIC System, which significantly increases the strength of horizontal and vertical jumps. The Extended Trusstic technology saves valuable energy when picking up momentum. The Rearfoot GEL system, known and well-liked among players , stabilizes our foot and fully absorbs strong shocks during the game. Every volleyball enthusiast knows very well how important the adhesion of your shoes remains, thanks to the special rubber Wet Grip Rubber you do not have to worry about undesirable slip during the game. Features: excellent cushioning Asics Task MT technology good stabilization thanks to Rearfoot gel systems material: synthetic material + fabric Colour: blue

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