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-% Asics Gel-BND 1021A145-005

Asics Gel-BND 1021A145-005

Asics Gel-BND M 1021A145-005 shoes Features: Asics shoes a very modern proposition of lifestyle sneakers innovative design attracts attention, while comfort and high quality of workmanship allow you to stay with this choice for longer the massive shape of the shoe is just a false impression, because in fact it has a very low weight, and thus – high comfort of use the upper consists of many layers and stitching, and has been made of synthetic leather and fabric, which increases the level of ventilation and reduces the weight of footwear the textile interior and insole are made of thin fabric that quickly evaporates sweat, allowing the foot to stay fresh for a long time the collar guarantees soft support and protection against injuries to the ankle Material: synthetic Colour: black

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