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-% Adidas X 19.1 AG M FU7040 shoes

Adidas X 19.1 AG M FU7040 shoes

adidas X 19.1 AG Catalog number: FU7040 * football shoes * intended for playing on: artificial surfaces * upper material: synthetic material + fabric * sole: AG * level: match / professional * symmetrical lacing system * classic, high heel shape ensures perfect protection and safety of the ankle * AG sole provides excellent traction on artificial surfaces * shoe weight for size 42:, stallion * collection: autumn 2019 Model X is more than just shoes. It’s a belief that speed allows you to leave your defenders behind, not to run blindly ahead. If you are unable to lead the attack at a rapid pace, then run to your heart’s content. But if you can afford to overcome your own borders, then keep reading. These football boots with a thin upper that you hardly feel on your foot provide resilient contact with the ball and excellent speed. The low collar and the wrap around the foot guarantee you stability during explosive movements.

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