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-% Adidas Solar Drive M D97451 shoes

Adidas Solar Drive M D97451 shoes

Adidas Solar Drive M D97451 shoes Choose running shoes that will allow you to extend your training distance by further kilometers thanks to the springy cushioning and supportive cut. They have a breathable mesh upper and a flexible outer sole that allow a smooth transition from landing to punching. The heel protector securely locks the leg in the shoe, without restricting the freedom of movement of the Achilles tendon. Neutral shoes for long distances. Boost is our most resilient and maneuverable cushioning: the more energy you give, the more it returns to you. Solar Propulsion Rail provides support and guides the foot while running. The Stretchweb rubber outsole bends under your foot for added energy to your steps Features: shoes designed for running and everyday use upper material: fabric + synthetic materials Material: synthetic and textile material Colour: navy blue

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